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Is Bitcoin the Future of Money?

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Yahoo, Amazon, Google, and Facebook didn’t exist 20 years ago and now their owners are worth $billions! There was no such thing as on-line dating 25 years ago. Now we have tinder, match.com and a myriad of dating sites. The internet has changed almost everything.

The new revolution in money is now here. It has been coming for about 9 years and every day, more and more people are adopting cryptocurrencies as a new normal. Just like with Yahoo and Amazon, early adopters can turn a few dollars into a fortune! As Bitcoin becomes main-stream, many new millionaires and billionaires are being created.

​For early adopters like Kristopher Koch, Bitcoin is a vehicle to wealth! Koch bought 5,000 coins for $27 in 2009.  Back then, Bitcoins were worth $0.0054 each (just over half-a-penny). As of November 29, 2017 they are worth $50,000,000.00 USD

And the value keeps rising....


Why Is Bitcoin's Value Increasing?

Bitcoin is doing to banking what the Internet has done to publishing. Can we imagine a world without Internet? It is taking much of the fee structure out of the hands of banks and allowed money transfers across the world to become easier, safer, and MUCH cheaper. This puts control and profit back in the public's hands. No longer does the sender or recipient have to pay percentages on transactions. There is only one small processing fee no matter the amount and no currency exchange fees. Turning Bitcoin into legal tender of the country you choose may incur a small fee but is still far cheaper.

Has Bitcoin Been Hacked?

No! Individuals and companies handling bitcoin assets have been hacked but not Bitcoin itself.

The reason...
Thousands of people worldwide are managing Bitcoin's accounting ledgers which contains every transaction ever done. This is who your small fee goes to. There are no names, only account numbers but even if hundreds of computers were somehow altered all at once, there are thousands more that would notice instantly and from those thousands are hundreds of thousands of backups. That is why even hackers trust Bitcoin.

Take Advantage Of This New Currency

If you are asking:
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